Sunset Dhow Cruise Zanzibar

Sunset Dhow Cruise Zanzibar

Sunset dhow cruise tour is a superb romantic dhow cruise from Stone Town in Zanzibar. The tour commences using a traditional Arabian Dhow. Then, leave from Frodhani garden on the seafront of Stone Town and cruising along the off-shores of the authentic and entrancing coast while the sun sinks into the Indian sea beginning to paint the town with its pastel astonishing tones. The buildings and the historical landmarks will reveal to you why the town is called a stone town, our team will reveal to you some old Swahili stories, in the mid of your excursion we will provide for you a few tidbits (Swahili chips, cakes ) and soda pops, while you absorb the climate once appreciated by Arabian Royalty.  The Forodhani Gardens on the seafront of Stone Town end each evening with road merchants set up their slows down, selling fish and meat kebabs, samosas, Urojo soup, natural product, flame-broiled maize, Zanzibar pizzas, and sugar stick juice to tourists and local people the same.

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